Open Geospatial Libraries for Ruby

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One does not have to be a geographer to add location information to your applications. Creating tools that utilize geographic information is something that any developer can do. This is not unique to the Ruby language. Getting started can be somewhat daunting though.

In this session, Chris will go through types of tools and what features they can unlock within a Rubyist’s applications. We will begin by creating a simple backend for a mobile application and the participants will experiment with the features that are available to improve the application. Geospatial features including geocoding, geofencing, map visualization and basic geo-statistical analysis will be covered. This session will serve as a starting point for programmers unfamiliar with geospatial tools to start adding location to their applications.

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Chris Helm


Chris is a geo-analytics engineer at GeoIQ specializing in all things open source and big data relate. This has included analyzing Twitter streams and a project to improve the cartography within GeoCommons. He’s been using/contributing to open source projects for 7 years. His academic/profession background is in the physical sciences.