Pandaboard: A Stellar Open Platform

Open Hardware
Location: Portland 251
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Pandaboard Everyone Loves a Bear
*I cover where the Pandaboard fits in with the landscape of Open Embedded Platforms and why it currently reigns supreme.

#More I/O
#Even more I/O
*The components that are integrated into the Pandaboard a numerous and wonderful. The list goes on and on yet I’ll leave no stone left unturned.

Developer Delight: Do you own a Soldering Iron?
#Unpopulated Headers
*Open Hardware isn’t Open if we can’t solder it to our___ (insert item here) and add components to the board that we need to achieve a goal. Developers love to see hacks and innovation.

#Booting Pandaboard
#1080p Demo
#3D graphics
*Attendees will be dazzled and amazed at how smoothly the Pandaboard cruises 1080p video and processes a 3D graphics demonstration

Word to the wise
#What to avoid
*The Pandaboard is awesome hardware yet there are pitfalls that can be thwarted by future adopters and tricks of the trade to ease adoption.

*Closing thoughts

Photo of Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Tacit Labs Inc

Bryan A Smith is a Debian Gnu/Linux and BSD enthusiast, hardware hacker and Systems Engineer. Bryan has used Open Source Operating Systems since the days of Red Hat 5 Hurricane.

He contributes to several Open Source projects and has helped launch several startup ISP’s based in his area using Open Source software as a framework.

Bryan is also the initiator of The Things Network Orlando and he spends his free time hacking things and pondering Devops.

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Picture of Alison Chaiken
Alison Chaiken
07/21/2011 9:24am PDT

Glad you found the wiki useful. If you already have HW-accelerated graphics running on Panda, I can assure you that I have no desire to lug mine up to Portland in my suitcase! I’m shifting to the Snowball for a bit, anyway. I’d love to have dinner/lunch with you and discuss more. See to find my email. Looking forward to your session at any event.

Picture of Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith
05/27/2011 11:36am PDT

Sure bring it…although I have already replicated the effort from your awesome wiki article :oD

Picture of Alison Chaiken
Alison Chaiken
05/26/2011 5:04pm PDT

I have a Panda demo I can drag along if you desire audience participation.