Hot Potato - A Real-time Processing Framework

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Hot Potato is an open source real-time processing framework written in Ruby. Originally designed to process the Twitter firehose at 3,000+ tweets per second, it has been extended to support any type of streaming data as input or output to the framework. The framework excels with applications such as, social media analysis, log processing, fraud prevention, spam detection, instant messaging, and many others that include the processing of streaming data.

We’ll look at:

  • The creation of a real-world application using Hot Potato as a framework
  • Monitoring work progress using counters
  • Configuration and deployment scenarios
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Darian Shimy


Darian Shimy is the VP of Technology at Attensity, the leading provider of text analytics solutions for customer experience management.

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Darian Shimy
08/01/2011 9:11am PDT

@Tony, thanks for attending and you feedback. I have read this online (not the book per se) and yes it did play a role in the development of Hot Potato. Cheers.

Tony Jordan
07/29/2011 1:45pm PDT

I found this session to be interesting. The product seems to be a ruby implementation of some of the Enterprise Integration Patterns. The speaker did not mention this book, if he has not read it, I think it would be of use to him.