Create Your Own Cellular Network

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Create Your Own Cellular Network
In this session we’ll discuss the possibilities and realities of deploying GSM networks with Free and Open Source software on a budget. OpenBTS and Asterisk allow enthusiasts to deploy homebrew yet Commercial Grade GSM cellular networks with affordable Open Hardware such as the USRP. We’ll cover the hardware and software required to make your own celluar network and demonstrate the USRP and OpenBTS at work.

Pandaboard: A Stellar Open Platform
The Pandaboard is the Goliath of Open Hardware Embedded Platforms. It sports a Dual-Core 1Ghz Arm Cortex A9 processor with 1GB of DDR2 RAM making it ideal for a myraid of embedded use scenarios. Pandaboard touts a PowerVR SGX540
GPU, Hardware accelerated 1080p video playback, HDMI, DVI and LCD display outputs. 802.11n, Bluetooth, and USB OTG connectivity are just a few standards provided on TI’s Omap 4 platform. We’ll have fun exploring this amazing Open Hardware platform up close and personal.

Photo of Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Tacit Labs Inc

Bryan A Smith is a Debian Gnu/Linux and BSD enthusiast, hardware hacker and Systems Engineer. Bryan has used Open Source Operating Systems since the days of Red Hat 5 Hurricane.

He contributes to several Open Source projects and has helped launch several startup ISP’s based in his area using Open Source software as a framework.

Bryan is also the initiator of The Things Network Orlando and he spends his free time hacking things and pondering Devops.

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Howard Matava
07/31/2011 5:26am PDT

Will the slides be posted? Great session.