Why Should You Care about IPv6? And What Should You Do about It?

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In February 2011, the Internet Society, ICANN and the IETF announced that all the remaining IPv4 addresses had been allocated to registrars to give out to service providers and ultimately customers. Over the next months and years, IPv4 addresses will become increasingly hard to obtain. Large-scale Network Address Translation (NAT) will enable IPv4 to go on for a longer time, but at some point developers will need to care about IPv6 and understand if their applications will work with the new addressing scheme.

In this session, developers will learn:

  • the basics of IPv6
  • what IPv6 support is already available in open source operating systems and software
  • how to set up their home network or a test environment with IPv6
  • strategies for testing whether their applications are IPv6-compatible

The session will include live demonstrations and provide resources for attendees to use after the conference.

The goal is to enable developers to return home (or get started at the conference) and help their applications move ahead with supporting IPv6.

Photo of Dan York

Dan York

Voxeo Corporation

Dan York is Director of Conversations at Voxeo Corporation focused on analyzing/evaluating emerging technology, participating in industry standards bodies and addressing VoIP security issues. He is also leading Voxeo’s move into “social media” with the deployment of blogs and future podcasts.

As Best Practices Chair for the VOIP Security Alliance , Dan will be leading the project to develop and document a concise set of industry-wide best practices for security VoIP systems. He is also heading up VOIPSA’s move into “social media” with VOIPSA’s group weblog. Additionally, Dan is the producer of Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast where since October 2005 each week he and co-host Jonathan Zar discuss VOIP security news and interview people involved in the field.

Prior to joining Voxeo, Dan was Director of IP Technology in Mitel’s Office of the CTO focused on emerging technology and VoIP security. As chair of Mitel’s Product Security Team, he coordinated the efforts of a cross-functional group to communicate both externally and internally on VoIP security issues, respond to customer inquiries related to security, investigate security vulnerability reports and monitor security standards and trends. Previously, Dan served in Mitel Product Management bringing multiple products to market including Mitel’s secure VoIP Teleworker Solution in 2003.

Before Mitel, Dan was the President and co-founder of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), today the leading global certification program for Linux professionals, and served on the Board of Directors of Linux International. A dynamic speaker with over 20 years in information technology, Dan routinely presents at conferences, has authored multiple books and has written numerous articles in print and online. His writing can be found online both at the Voice of VOIPSA weblog and also his own weblog, Disruptive Telephony . More information about Dan can also be found on his home site of www.danyork.com

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