How Not to Release Software

Location: Portland 252
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You’ve seen a million best practice talks. In this session I’ll review mistakes that were made and lessons learned. Come laugh, groan, and cringe, as we review:

- When scope doesn’t just creep, it gallops

- Death sprints: the agile way to approach a death march

- Testing: how to do an abysmal job and how to do a good enough job to feel wildly overconfident. Bonus: how to make your software untestable!

- Configuration and database migrations (as if the code wasn’t hard enough)

- How to make operations hate you by requiring encyclopaedic knowledge to push out a release

Attendees will leave confident that they will never make these mistakes (again). They’ll make new and original ones instead.

Photo of Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

Mozilla Corporation

Laura Thomson is Senior Director of Engineering, Firefox Engineering Operations at Mozilla, and is on the board of ISRG, the non-profit behind Let’s Encrypt. Laura has worked in various engineering roles at Mozilla for the last ten years, and previously worked in jobs including Principal/VP at OmniTI, engineer, consultant, and computer science academic. She has written several books on various open source technologies, including “PHP and MySQL Web Development” (with Luke Welling, her husband). Laura is from Melbourne, Australia, but now lives with her family on a rustic horse farm in Maryland, USA, where she relaxes by indulging in manual labor and other rural pursuits.

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Picture of Jessamyn Smith
Jessamyn Smith
07/30/2011 5:22am PDT

Great points, well presented.

Michael Walker
07/29/2011 4:19am PDT

Fantastic presentation