Start a Workshop, Change the World

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If you know Rails and have the interest and energy to make it happen, you can create a workshop near where you live. It can be as small as 15 people in a conference room and still have a significant positive impact not only for the attendees, but also for the community where you live and the wider open source community.

  • A brief history of the Railsbridge Open Workshop Project
    – why do this?
    – how it started
    – what’s changed?
  • The must haves
    – An ecosystem (or a plan to create one)
    – A core team or leader
  • Better curriculum through iteration and collaboration
    – what we teach
    – how it changes
    – how to contribute
  • The Workshop Recipe – the nuts and bolts of running an Open Workshop
  • Why it works – A few thoughts on how this approach can be (and is being) used for other topics and communities.
Photo of Ilen Zazueta-Hall

Ilen Zazueta-Hall

Enphase Energy Inc.

Ilen Zazueta-Hall is Software Product Manager for Enphase Energy. She arrived there via a circuitous path through start ups (IGN, Workingpoint) and large enterprises (LeapFrog, trying her hand at everything from development to design.

In her spare time she is volunteer coordinator for Railsbridge’s Open Workshops for Women.