Lessons from the Java.net Migration: Managing an Open Source Community through Major Change

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This presentation will cover the highlights of the planning process,
the migration itself, and analysis of the current disposition of the
community. Though most communities will never have to go through an
intentional transition this big, there were many useful lessons that
can be applied to smaller changes within a community as well. The
process starts with a lot of questions:

What were we trying to accomplish with this change? What impact would
this have on the community as a whole and on individual members? How
do you break down any change into manageable pieces of work? How much
disruption is acceptable? How transparent should this be to the
community? How do we define success when we are finished?

With answers to those questions we put together a process. Some
things worked, some things didn’t. We learned a lot and would do a
few things quite differently if we ever had to do this again. Were we
successful? Across the board, I’d say yes, but with a list of

Sonya Barry


Sonya Barry has been with Java.net since she was a graduate student intern at Sun Microsystems in 2006. She took over as Community Manager in February 2009 and has managed the site and Java community through the transition from Sun to Oracle.

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Picture of Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith
08/11/2011 6:08am PDT

It’s always great to see Sonya has a great personality, tons of experience and you can trust that she’ll give a knowledgeable and accurate account no matter what the subject matter.

Paul Guttmann
08/04/2011 4:58am PDT

I thought this was a good session that lived up well to its title – “Lessons from the Java.net Migration”. It was a “warts and all” presentation and I’m thankful for the honesty with which Sonya shared the lessons about communications and relationship breakdowns in this migration.