Performance vs Scalability, Blocking vs. Non-blocking

Location: Portland 252
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In this talk I start taking about the difference between scalability and performance – often mixed as the same thing – and I show some code which goes from blocking to non-blocking.
I find it important to discuss the different programing paradigms and the cool tools that we have for scaling.

We go from Python and Ruby to Node.js and a little Erlang to show the same code written under distinct languages. Through that I explain the toolkits that we have and how they change the way you program.

It is not mandatory to introduce code complexity in your applications without an architectural review so cache and message queueing is explained along with Redis – a very flexible database.

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Gleicon Moraes

Gleicon Moraes is director of data engineering at Gleicon loves infrastructure for data, moving large volumes through distributed messaging systems, and databases. He uses Python, Go, and Erlang and focuses on distributed systems, nonrelational databases, and OSS.