REALLY Scaling a Rails Application

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Ruby on Rails is a great framework for quickly building applications, but what happens when you are wildly successful and need to scale WAY up? This talk is a case study in the evolution of our Rails application from a monolithic “does everything” systems running on a hosted server to a service-oriented system running in the cloud. As part of this tale, we will also cover the migration from a single MySQL data store to an environment with sharded MySQL and several NoSQL variants. We will detail choices made along the way, the data used to make those choices, and distill the decision path down to a series of recommendations.

The audience will come away with concrete methods to scale their web applications and hints and heuristics to manage the evolution of their data.

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Kate Matsudaira


Kate Matsudaira fills the role as Vice President of Engineering at SEOmoz where she is responsible for managing the core technology team. Prior to SEOmoz, she filled the role of VP Engineering at another startup, Delve Networks (acquired by Limelight). At Delve she helped create and monetize a very large distributed system used for online video delivery and video search. Prior to that she worked in at other leading technology companies like, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems.
Kate has extensive knowledge of building large scale distributed web systems, web services, and search. Kate has a B.S. in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College, and has completed graduate work at the University of Washington in both Business and Computer Science (M.S.).

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Kate Matsudaira
08/01/2011 3:17am PDT

Hey Dan! I am so glad you enjoyed the presentation. I am probably not going to be publish my slides, as I am giving this talk again in October. However, if there were specific slides or details you would like to know I would be happy to share them with you. Just shoot me an email :) (kate at seomoz dot org)

Picture of Daniel Bernier
Daniel Bernier
07/27/2011 6:40am PDT

Any chance of getting the slides?