How to Raise Millions of Dollars Using Open Source Software

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In 2010, the Wikimedia Foundation took on the challenge of raising $16 million – double the amount raised the previous year – and succeeded. The Foundation’s primary method of fundraising is through online donations averaging less than $20 through various Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia. For this fundraiser, the 3.5 person tech team leveraged an open source software stack, an agile approach to development, constant A/B testing and geo-targeted messaging to reach the goal. This talk will discuss:

  • The software and architectural components of our system
  • Our methodology – rigorous testing, community involvement, and agile development techniques
  • Challenges we faced – such as fraud prevention, scaling the architecture, implementing simple message testing solutions and being able to rapidly adapt to the constantly changing needs of the fundraiser.
  • Mistakes we made and what we learned
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Arthur Richards

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

I am a software engineer for the Wikimedia Foundation. I work on fundraising, mobile/offline and features development for the foundation. In 2010, I focussed on the back-end infrastructure for the Foundation’s annual fundraiser, developing payment processing pipelines, fraud prevention solutions and integration with Drupal/CiviCRM. Prior to working for the Foundation, I was a contract software developer, using and evangelazing open source technologies. I love working with large sets of data, on operations-related stuff and integrating/extending open source tools.

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Alolita Sharma
07/10/2011 9:54am PDT

Plan to attend. Looks like a great talk!