HTML5 and Mobile: Getting from Good Enough to Great

Javascript & HTML5
Location: Portland Ballroom
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HTML5 promises to pave the way for easy, device-neutral mobile app development. But, until HTML5 supports sophisticated cross-platform apps we’re stuck building native apps for various mobile devices. Or are we?

In this session, hacker Dave Johnson will show how combining HTML5 with open source frameworks, like PhoneGap, bridge what’s possible with HTML5 today and the sophisticated mobile apps developers want to build. You’ll learn how to combine technologies to expose device features, like camera, outside of the existing HTML5 spec.

By learning how to mix open source development tools with HTML5 you don’t have to commit to native development or wait for a mature HTML5 spec to build full-featured, cross-platform apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Filip Maj


Filip Maj is a software engineer at Nitobi where he works on the PhoneGap framework and other mobile and web app projects. He’s part of the PhoneGap training team and has been teaching developers across North America how to put PhoneGap to work for their own mobile development projects.

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Filip Maj
08/16/2011 3:26am PDT

Hey guys, the slides are up on slideshare:

Picture of Gauthier de Valensart
Gauthier de Valensart
08/15/2011 9:26pm PDT

Is there any way to get your Oscon 2011 presentation slides?

Thank you

Matthew Hodson
07/28/2011 7:52am PDT

f yeah phonegap!