Delivering Predictability: The Yocto Project Autobuilder, Automated Sanity Testing, License Collection, and Package History Tracking

Open Hardware
Location: D139/140

The ability for embedded developers to rapidly respond to an ever
changing upstream code base and deliver quality tested software and
device images can make the difference between success and failure of
your embedded project.

See how the Yocto Project is able to provide developers an out of the
box build and test package that assists them in ensuring code quality,
provides software license tracking as well as shows valuable build
metrics to assist developers in providing embedded solutions with Yocto.

This session will cover:

  • Introduction to the Yocto build system.
  • Setting up a developer autobuilder in less than 10 minutes.
  • Sanity testing with qemu.
  • Tracking licenses for a generated embedded Linux distribution.
  • Package and build metrics, the health monitor for the Poky build system.

Elizabeth Flanagan


Beth Flanagan is a release engineer at Intel and works in the Opensource Technologies Center as the Yocto Project release engineer. Beth has worked for Intel since Nov 2010, maintaining and extending the Yocto
autobuilder and contributing the license tracking and build statistics features for Yocto.

Photo of Jeffrey Osier-Mixon

Jeffrey Osier-Mixon

Intel Corporation

Jeff Osier-Mixon is a longtime community manager and strategist, dedicated to enabling open source projects and their respective communities to thrive. As well as fighting crime.