Building Mobile Apps with Java on Non-Java Platforms Using GWT and PhoneGap

Java: Trends
Location: A107/108
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This is a technical 1hr session. Basic knowledge of Java programming is required.

Creating applications for multiple mobile operating systems is a challenge because each mobile OS has it’s own preferred development language and set of tools & APIs. 3rd party tools for tackling this issue can be quite expensive and hard to use. This sessions shows a completely free and open source solution using PhoneGap and GWT. GWT is a compiler and framework for building JavaScript web applications using the Java language and libraries. PhoneGap is a tool chain to turn web content into installable mobile applications for multiple operating systems. This session will show how to combine the two into a great development system for cross platform mobile apps.

  • The Problem:
    • multiple mobile OSes
    • multiple languages,
    • multiple screen sizes
    • duplicate code
    • not the language of your choice
  • The Solution:
    • GWT + PhoneGap
    • What is PhoneGap & how does it work?
    • What is GWT & how does it work?
  • Getting started:
    • What to download
    • building a simple GWT app for web
    • converting to mobile app with PhoneGap
    • install on webOS & Android
  • Deeper into GWT & PhoneGap
    • Standard Libraries
    • Java APIs
    • example code
    • cross device API mapping
  • Building a real world application
    • app concept and UI mockups
    • fleshing out the screens
    • database & webservice hookup
    • restyling with CSS
    • HTML Canvas charts
    • using device APIs
      • accelerometer
      • GPS
      • local storage
  • Making your life easier
    • adapting to multiple screen sizes
      • media queries and viewport tags
      • scaling with canvas
      • conditional code is a last resort
    • GWT tools
      • mobile GWT APIs
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Josh Marinacci is a blogger and co-author of Swing Hacks and Building Mobile Apps with Java for O’Reilly Media. He is currently the technical marketing manager for PubNub. He previously was a researcher for Nokia, worked on WebOS at Palm, and JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and the Java Store at Sun Microsystems. Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology and great user experiences. Ask Josh about HTML Canvas, mobile apps, and visual design. Or 3D printing and wearable computing. Or just ask him to rant about Java.