Not Only SQL: Exploring Alternative Data Stores

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The database landscape is evolving as new, scalable data stores emerge. Key value stores, large tabular stores, document-oriented databases, and graph databases offer a compelling alternative to the traditional relational database. By removing joins and loosening ACID constraints, this new class of non-relational or “NoSQL” solutions gain the ability to scale horizontally. In addition, NoSQL solutions offer interesting alternatives to the traditional relational data model.

This panel discussion features the key innovators in the NoSQL space. We will introduce attendees to the key concepts required to understand and evaluate NoSQL data stores, including the CAP Theorem, consistency models, NoSQL data models, and approaches to scaling. We’ll explore relevant use cases and compare and contrast the many open source NoSQL solutions.

Photo of Roger Bodamer

Roger Bodamer


Roger heads the West Coast Operations for 10gen, the company that
develops and supports the open source database MongoDB. He has over 20 years of experience of building and delivering great and innovative
products to market and has deep expertise and knowledge of database
architectures and internals. Roger holds several patents for database
and middleware technology. His experience leading product development
and engineering teams includes 12 years with Oracle’s Database and
Application Server development organization where he pioneered
products that delivered heterogeneous interoperability, as well as
several years as SVP of product operations and engineering at Apple’s
PowerSchool division. Roger also held leadership positions at OuterBay
and Efficient Frontier. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer
science from the HogeSchool Enschede.

Photo of Peter Neubauer

Peter Neubauer

Neo Technology

Peter is co-founder of a number of popular Open Source projects such
as Neo4j, Tinkerpop, OPS4J and Qi4j. Peter loves connecting things,
writing novel prototypes and throwing together new ideas and projects
around graphs and society-scale innovation. Right now, Peter is
concentrating on turning Open Source projects into profitable
enterprises at Neo Technology, the company sponsoring the development
of Neo4j, the Graph Database. Also, Peter is a Mentor helping startups
at Startupbootcamp Copenhagen and organizing events like and TEDx Öresund.

Photo of Matt Pfeil

Matt Pfeil


Matt is VP of Customer Solutions and co-founder at DataStax (formerly Riptano), the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™. Prior to DataStax, Matt built and managed the Email and Apps infrastructure development group at Rackspace. Prior to Rackspace, Matt was at where he worked in various management roles in infrastructure and scalability. Matt holds a BS from Virginia Tech in Computer Science.

Photo of Tim Anglade

Tim Anglade


Tim Anglade is VP Product at Realm

Photo of Antony Falco

Antony Falco

Basho Technologies

In 2008, Tony co-founded Basho Technologies which makes Riak, an open-source, distributed data store. As Chief Operating Officer at Basho, Tony directs product development, support, sales and marketing. Prior to Basho, he held senior management positions at Akamai Technologies, DIGEX (now Verizon Business), and Oplayo, OY, a Helsinki-based start-up.

Tony’s favorite things about Basho: the open source community that has embraced Riak, the chance to work with people much smarter than he is and learn from them, and the opportunity to play a part, for the third time in his career, in establishing a new technology category.

Tony lives in Portland, Oregon, and looks forward to riding his bike to OSCON.

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Picture of Kurt Lakin
Kurt Lakin
07/28/2011 5:07am PDT

For someone who has been using RDBs for 15+ years, where is a good place to start with a node,pointer based DB?