All Your Brains Suck - Known Bugs And Exploits In Wetware

Location: Portland Ballroom
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Humans. As a species, we suck. The only real evolutionary
advantage we have is our brains, and by using them we’ve become the
dominant species on the planet. Our brains are superbly adapted for our
survival and success in the environment in which they evolved… the
African savanna 200,000 years ago.

Our brains are not-at-all suited for modern life, and are plagued by a raft of bugs and unwanted features that we’ve been unable to remove. Join us in a tour of some of the most amusing bugs and exploits wetware has to offer.

Photo of Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick

Perl Training Australia

Paul Fenwick is the managing director of Perl Training Australia, and has been teaching computer science for over a decade. He is an internationally acclaimed presenter at conferences and user-groups worldwide, where he is well-known for his humour and off-beat topics.

In his spare time, Paul’s interests include security, mycology, cycling, coffee, scuba diving, and lexically scoped user pragmata.

*Photo attributed to Joshua Button.

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Picture of Ricardo Signes
Ricardo Signes
08/01/2011 12:22am PDT

What can one say? As always, Paul was entertaining and informative, and a great capstone to the week’s events. He doesn’t preach or command, but leaves us remembering the fun we had. I hope he is forced to continue doing this in future years.