Beyond Compliance: Selling the Competitive Advantages of Open Source

IT Leaders Summit
Location: F 150
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There is a dual reality surrounding the use of open source in businesses. For developers, open source code is everywhere, widely used, and an essential part of their day-to-day toolbox. For too many managers, directors, and CxOs, however, using open source seems to be just about compliance and risk.

There are a number of reasons why businesses use open source: It can help them to become more efficient, to establish a standard, or as a driver for other associated products and services. Understanding how to use open source effectively and strategically reduces costs and increases revenue. Focusing only on basic compliance keeps organizations from this higher, strategic use of open source.

This session will present a number of case studies showing how businesses have been able to make engaging with the open source community pay off – and will show why the freedoms granted under open source licenses are strategically important.

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Van Lindberg

Python Software Foundation

Van Lindberg is an open source and intellectual property lawyer based out of San Antonio. Van’s professional work focuses on the intersection of technology and law, with particular expertise in the area of open source. Over his career, he has helped businesses with everything from open source compliance to business strategy and represents companies in high-stakes IP litigation and inter partes review proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Van has represented companies on Capitol Hill, before Congress, and in industry associations; has led teams through successful mergers and acquisitions and restructurings; and has organized employee agreements to create greater employee satisfaction and promote higher compliance with internal policies.

Van is a regular speaker on everything from community dynamics to graph theory and has testified in Congressional proceedings as an expert on both copyright and encryption policy. In 2012, he was named one of “America’s top 12 techiest attorneys” by the American Bar Association Journal. He is the author of Intellectual Property and Open Source.

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Zach Burke
07/27/2011 3:58am PDT

Can you post the slides for this presentation? Thanks!