Logstash - Open Source Log and Event Management

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SSH, tail, and grep don’t scale very well – logstash is better.

Logstash is an open source, free, and scalable tool that can help you get a grip on your logs and events. Search and analyze your infrastructure with ease, in real-time; let logstash be a crystal ball for viewing events in your infrastructure and your business. Additionally, logstash acts as a pipeline, so you can easily automate reactions and alerts through the logstash pipeline to create a self-healing infrastructure or to fire off alerts.

This talk will introduce logstash and cover how it can be used to debug and analyze problems with your infrastructure and your business: centralize your event and log collection, analyze data, and correlate failures.

Project site: http://code.google.com/p/logstash.

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Jordan Sissel


Jordan is a hacker from California who has been doing operations and software engineering for 8 years. He practices hate-driven development and gives out hugs upon request. When not hacking, he loves doing awesome things as a dad and a husband.

You can find him on twitter as @jordansissel and on github as the same.

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Picture of Jordan Sissel
Jordan Sissel
08/02/2011 1:23am PDT

Slides are here: goo.gl/DmByP

Picture of Gauthier de Valensart
Gauthier de Valensart
08/02/2011 12:46am PDT

Do you have the slides ?


Tony Jordan
07/29/2011 1:50pm PDT

This was an excellent presentation.

Adam Parrish
07/29/2011 7:52am PDT

informative, fun presentation. for me, one of the highlights of the conference.

Picture of Jessamyn Smith
Jessamyn Smith
07/29/2011 4:28am PDT

Fantastic! Useful and interesting presentation, and highly entertaining as well. I am so grateful to you for creating these incredibly useful tools. Your dedication to a positive atmosphere and making technology accessible really shines through. :)

Picture of Benoit Sigoure
Benoit Sigoure
07/28/2011 3:28pm PDT

Great talk, I wish there were more talks like this. Good technical contents, insight, and fun. Keep up the good work dude, you rock.

Deborah Lewis
07/28/2011 2:08pm PDT

Cool stuff found!! logstash is definitely going to be added to my toolkit. Jordan’s preso was very informative but also he also had fun with the material. Nice.