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Wheeler will make you think.

Most language have abstractions: lists, objects, bytes, etc.. In Wheeler the abstraction is state. Some languages avoid state like the plague. Wheeler runs toward state like it has the cure.

Wheeler distills the most essential elements of programming into a few basic principles, and then through those principles it reinvents programming, for better or worse. Wheeler has very little syntax and completely dynamic semantics. It is horribly wasteful of computer resources and yet can solve some problems more elegantly than traditional programming languages.

Wheeler will challenge your ideas about types, program flow, and how a programming language should work.

Matt Youell

New Monic Labs

Matt Youell is a software developer in Portland, Oregon.

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Matt Youell
07/30/2011 3:02pm PDT

@craig I totally agree with this.

Craig Hall
07/30/2011 10:56am PDT

A real challenge to both introduce the language and get to some meat. I liked where we were going, we just didn’t get there.

Perhaps next time, you could lay out some fundamentals in the blurb and then jump in at a slightly higher level.