Tales of Virality

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Some companies are born lucky, and some companies have to make their luck. If your business unfortunately falls into the latter category, the way you make your luck in the Web 2.0 world is through virality. It’s a simple concept: a tiny bit of math, a lot of experimentation, and almost no common sense. Using experiences at three startups, Terry will explain what viral tuning is and how it is done. Learn how mushy business terminology like “hockey stick” and “viral marketing” meets the hard programming reality of building it on your LAMP website.

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Terry Chay

Clara Health

If Zend puts your picture on a deck of cards, you’ve either arrived in the PHP world or are a terrorist. Terry Chay is a PHP Terrorist. He works at WordPress, and, when he isn’t doing that, he’s saying outrageous things on his blog—which is also like working on WordPress. In previous lives he architected the third largest social network in the U.S. in PHP, developed the largest revenue-generating product in PHP for Plaxo (later purchased by Comcast) as their first web engineer, programmed the communication layer between an internet-enabled home control device and the web browser, voice portals, PDAs and cell phones via SOAP and XMLRPC in PHP, and built the first travel search engine in… PHP (surprise)! He gives seminars in PHP development, which is really just a veiled excuse to play with Keynote.