Prototyping Mobile Linux Devices

Open Hardware
Location: D139/140

Prototyping a Mobile Linux device around off the shelf hardware has been easier then ever. Low power mobile processor boards such as the Beagle board can provide the core of a Mobile Linux Devicel A basic UI can be rapidly implemented by Android, QT, etc. This session will look at the process of getting a basic Android mobile device prototype built from an engineering prospective.

Basic features and elements of a mobile device will be covered. A mobile device built around an OMAP3 Beagle board will be discussed as an example of how a mobile device can be prototyped quickly. This session will also look at available resources that may be leveraged.

In addition, this session will also touch on the software aspects. Android will be used as an example, other software such as different flavors of interfaces provided by Open Embedded distributions will also be discussed.

Hunyue Yau

HY Research, LLC

Embedded Linux consultant, developer and enthusiast almost 20years of involvement in opensource. He has worked on numerous Linux architectures including x86, ARM, and Power PPC. Areas of interest include low power and small foot print Linux for mobile Linux devices with a focus on low level kernel and hardware details.