Tools for Spelunking a New-to-You Codebase

Location: D137
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Nearly everyone has started on a project that included existing code. How do you get to know this codebase so you can contribute to it? Reading each file manual is tedious, time-consuming and not all that productive for getting the big picture about how an app works.

This talk will introduce a handful of useful code analysis tools, including:

  1. phpinclued
  2. Xdebug profiler
  3. phploc
  4. phpdocumentor / phpdox
  5. PHP_CodeSniffer
  6. Reflection Class

Beginners are welcome.

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Christie Koehler


Christie Koehler is Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Cisco Systems where she helps to develop and maintain a globally-distrbuted virtualized compute platform. Prior to Cisco, Chritie she was a developer advocate at HashiCorp, where she used her hybrid experience as an operator and a engineer to create resources to help practitioners use HashiCorp’s suite of open source cloud automation tools. Additionally, Christie is a longtime open source contributor and an expert on open source culture and governance.