Event Planning for Geeks

Location: E145
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If you’ve ever thought about hosting a code sprint, hackathon, (un)conference or workshop, this talk is for you. We’ll give you an overview of what you need to know to execute a successful event, including:

  • assembling and organizing your planning team
  • identifying a venue for your event
  • how to get money and pay for things
  • volunteer recruitment and management
  • determining your event format and creating your event’s schedule
  • advertising your event
  • tickets and registration
  • insurance, liability and what to do when things go wrong
  • deciding on must haves and nice-to-haves (e.g. food, wifi, etc)
  • dealing with venue logistics (space, sound, power, etc.)
  • codes of conduct, after parties, considerations for serving alcohol
  • how to keep the momentum once your first event is over
Photo of Audrey Eschright

Audrey Eschright

Recompiler Media

While she didn’t realize it until recently, Audrey has spent her entire adult life trying to get a handle on Linux systems configuration. This project has included a few detours through things like Ruby development, founding the Calagator community calendaring project, and co-founding Open Source Bridge. She likes cats.

Photo of Sherri Koehler

Sherri Koehler

Samatha Yoga / Open Source Bridge / Ignite Portland

Sherri Koehler (was Montgomery) has recently married her spouse for a second time, legally. She has also decided to to depart from a nearly 17-year career in IT organizations, doing everything from systems administration to requirements facilitation, test coordinations, project management, release & change management, web tools development, and working in data warehousing environments as an application stack administrator & lead business systems analyst. Yes, most of those 17 years were on-call with off hours work.

Sherri is now focused on growing her yoga teaching practice. She looks forward to expanding her certification to specialize in therapeutic yoga, but will continue to look forward to teaching at conferences, team building gathers, and team meetings. Talk to her if you’d like her to come facilitate a yoga session for your organization or company!

This change also provides Sherri more time for her work as co-chair of Ignite Portland. She will be able devote more time to conference logistics for Open Source Bridge and other Stumptown Syndicate events.

Sherri has also been working on her artwork and will be setting up an Etsy shop soon. She continues to create new recipes and improve her food photography for her food blog, VeganNosh.me

Photo of Christie Koehler

Christie Koehler


Christie Koehler is Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Cisco Systems where she helps to develop and maintain a globally-distrbuted virtualized compute platform. Prior to Cisco, Chritie she was a developer advocate at HashiCorp, where she used her hybrid experience as an operator and a engineer to create resources to help practitioners use HashiCorp’s suite of open source cloud automation tools. Additionally, Christie is a longtime open source contributor and an expert on open source culture and governance.