Mastering Perl

Location: Portland 256
Tags: perl
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In this tutorial, brian d foy will cover aspects of his latest book, Mastering Perl, which is practical advice for working programmers on creating professional, enterprise-quality Perl programs. He will cover four major topics:

  • Modules as programs: created programs as modulinos to facilitate testing and reuse.
  • Profiling Perl programs: before you start to optimize, find the slow parts of your code.
  • Modifying and jury-rigging third party code: fix third-party code without disrupting the original source
  • Secure programming techniques: protect yourself from malicious or malformed user input to keep your program from unintended behavior.

brian d foy

The Perl Review, LLC

brian d foy is the co-author of Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, and Effective Perl Programming, the author of Mastering Perl, the publisher of The Perl Review, the author of dozens of modules on CPAN, and a Perl trainer and consultant for The Perl Review, LLC.

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Picture of Jacinta Richardson
Jacinta Richardson
08/09/2011 12:35pm PDT

This was a good talk, although the slides had too many lines on them, making them harder to read from half-way back in the room. Split the slides in half and increase font size for better readability

Shawn Page
07/26/2011 3:14pm PDT

brian had lots of information on secure perl and cool techniques on modulinos. He even confirmed that the 4ed Camel book is coming soon.