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First done at OSCON 2010, we though this session was extremely useful in helping developers work better with Googlers and Google technology and we’ll be able answer most questions that they might be baffled about. So, for 40 minutes, we’ll be happy to answer nearly any question an engineer might have. Googlers covering everything from Android to search will be in attendance and ready to answer your questions.

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Chris DiBona

Google, Inc.

Chris DiBona is the Director of Open Source for Mountain View, Ca based Google, Inc. His job includes managing open source related compliance and outreach programs for the company. More information about Google’s open source program can be found at

Before joining Google, Mr. DiBona was an editor/author for the hugely popular online website and he is an internationally known advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He co-edited the award winning essay compilations “Open Sources” and “Open Sources 2.0” for O’Reilly and writes for a great number of publications. He was briefly the Linux guy on TechTV, starred in Floss Weekly and speaks on a variety of open source issues internationally.

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10/23/2011 11:21am PDT


I have setup an computer lab for children (7 desktops with no internet connection running Windows XP) and I am seeking any suggestions about what I can do/install on the computers to limit certain Windows functions.

For example: The kids are always accidentally dragging folders to different locations, inadvertently changing program functions, making erroneous copies of files, etc.

So basically, is there a way to “lock down” Windows to prevent these little kids who sometimes just start to click and type away during the Windows learning process from doing all kinds accidental actions?