Awakening The Maker Ethic in K-12 Students

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The current buzz in K-12 education is about 21st Century skills and self-directed learning. But this vision is at odds with the passive consumer attitude of many of our current students. FOSS solutions can be the transformative key.

While schools often adopt FOSS solutions to save money (a fine reason), the true value of Open Source for education is that Open Source shows the reality of engaged cooperation on a global scale on projects of substance. It is the model of cross-cultural, real-world, project-based learning that our education system is desperately seeking to inspire our students to gain these 21st century skills that are so important to future success.

This talk will explore this potential and review some exciting new developments such as open hardware Makerbot 3D printers appearing in high schools, HFOSS projects igniting participation of students in crisis situation around the globe and the launch in South Carolina of the Open IT Lab, a national FOSS resource for K-12. The talk is targeted at FOSS project leaders looking for student volunteers and FOSS-friendly educators who are ready to transform their passive consumers into active makers of their own educational journey.

Photo of Bryant Patten

Bryant Patten

National Center for Open Source and Education

Mr. Patten has spent the last 25 years developing educational software for a variety of clients. He has managed the engineering departments for several companies, including his own, and has won several awards for software design. He is currently bringing Open Source software solutions to schools to help maximize their technology dollars and close the digital divide between students of diverse economic backgrounds. Mr Patten is also the Executive Director of the National Center for Open Source and Education – a non profit organization advocating Open Source adoption in K-12 schools throughout the country.

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