Hands On Lab - Building Multi-screen Mobile Applications with Flex and Spring

Mobile Platforms
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Attendee prerequisites for this tutorial are listed below.

This hands on tutorial will teach attendees how to build their first mobile application using Adobe’s Open Source Flex SDK and compiling it for the Android and BlackBerry operating systems. Using an open source tool chain, including the Flex SDK for the UI, Spring, and Hibernate, developers can build apps that work on a variety of devices including PCs, Android phones / tablets, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, iPhones, and iPads. This session will walk developers through the steps for creating these cross-device apps with Flex and Java.


This tutorial has certain workstation requirements and pre-requisites, including software installations required prior to attending. Click HERE for more information.

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Keith Sutton

Adobe Systems Inc

Keith has spent the last 20 years working and consulting in enterprise level IT organizations, both government and commercial. Experience includes not only technology but managing impacts on people, organizations, and business process. As an Adobe Flex user group community leader for that past few years Keith has been working to build bridges between Flex, PHP, Java and other communities.

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Brian Cooke
07/20/2011 5:07pm PDT

Thanks, Keith. I’ll do the trial and see how it goes. Looks like I spoke too soon about the download. It’s running now rather than timing out on “waiting”, so I should be in good shape by tutorial time. See you Monday. =)

Keith Sutton
07/20/2011 10:24am PDT

Touche Brian, if you are just looking to explore what is new I would recommend the trial. I am not sure what is happening in your situation with the download. Can you try this link and let me know: www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/...

Brian Cooke
07/20/2011 9:43am PDT

I see where Flash Builder 4.5.1 is listed under “Mandatory”; however, I’m wondering if I will be okay in this lab if I configure the Eclipse IDE as listed under “Free IDE Options”. I’m having problems downloading the Flash Builder trial (it just says “waiting”, then times out and prompts me to retry the download. It also spams me with an email each time, five so far, the “cost of closed-source software,” I guess…).

If I really do need this trial of closed-source software to get the most from this tutorial, I’m wondering if there’s an alternate download site, or if the installer could be posted on the conference site somewhere.

Picture of Allison Gillespie
Allison Gillespie
07/11/2011 9:35am PDT

@Navin – We don’t offer passes for just this tutorial, however you could register for a Monday & Tuesday Only pass which gives you access to all of OSCON’s tutorials. Here’s the list of packages available: en.oreilly.com/oscon2011/pu...

Navin Vemuri
07/10/2011 4:50am PDT

Can I sign-up for only this session and not register for the conference as a whole? What are the charges?