Achieving Hybrid Cloud Mobility with OpenStack and XCP

Cloud Computing
Location: D139/140

When large public cloud providers such as Amazon and Rackspace create partnerships with hypervisor vendors like VMware and Citrix, people start to assume that the hybrid cloud mobility problem has been solved. However, analysts, developers, and users agree that there is a lot more to it. Operational management (for example, backups, capacity, configuration, and hardware life cycle management) may be dependent on specific hypervisor versions or disk formats.

If the cloud computing community can’t even agree on disk image formats, how do we expect that we can inter-operate at the operational management level? In this session, we take a closer look at how an open source and open standards approach to cloud mobility is not only important, but show why we believe it to be a necessary requirement.

A case study based on OpenStack and the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) is presented. We include some of the challenges we have faced, some solutions and will explore future challenges with possible solutions. In particular, we explore solutions such as a VM container format that enables transport of VM images between cloud installations.

Paul Voccio


Paul started as a Unix admin, then moved into devops before he knew what it was called. After writing applications to auto provision infrastructure and network equipment he joined Rackspace in 2007.

Ewan Mellor

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Director, Engineering, Cloud Platforms at Citrix Systems.