Resource Allocation for Linux with Cgroups

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With the rapid adoption of Virtualisation CGroups provide an effective way to control resource allocation that would have previously required the deployment of VMWare. They provide a mechanism to meet SLAs and guarantee network, i/o and CPU resources to specific virtual servers.

As CGroups are implemented at a process level they can also be used to manage resource allocation on physical servers.

This talk will provide an overview of the CGroups technology and some simple examples of how to leverage them on both physical and virtual server environments.

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Steven Ellis

Red Hat New Zealand

Steve’s day job with Red Hat is to persuade organisations to spend their IT budgets on Open Source rather than traditional proprietary technologies. With over 20 years experience of Open Source from development to enterprise architecture his passion for Open Source helped bring to Auckland NZ back in 2015.

In his spare time he still hacks on MythTV, and debugging random new bits of hardware that really should know better.

Steven gives regular talks on FOSS as part of his day job at Red Hat, including technology briefings and community meetups. In addition he’s presented at 2008, OSDC 2008 / 2009 / 2013, Linux World 2008, OSCON 2008 / 2011, OpenStack Summit Austin 2016, and a regular presenter at the Sys Admin miniconf.

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Picture of Steven Ellis
Steven Ellis
07/29/2011 8:22am PDT

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I really enjoyed the session.

Personally I’d deprecate the use of Nice if you were really starting to roll out cgroups.

Picture of Federico Lucifredi
Federico Lucifredi
07/29/2011 4:27am PDT

Good session. I also liked the idea of using this for audit & monitoring.

Mark Deason
07/29/2011 4:20am PDT

Expected a bit more product maturity. Silly me. Not necessarily a bad thing if concepts are still evolving.

Elliot Shank
07/29/2011 4:15am PDT

I liked the idea of using cgroups for auditing/monitoring.

Harish Pillay
07/29/2011 4:01am PDT

Good stuff, Steven.

Question: what considerations should I have if I use olde time tools like nice with cgroups?


Joe VanAndel
07/29/2011 3:56am PDT

Interesting talk about CGroups. Nice introduction, and some good demonstrations of how useful CGroups can be.