Solr Application Development Tutorial

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This fast-paced tutorial is targeted at developers who want to build applications with Solr, the Apache Lucene search server. You will learn how to set up and use Solr to index and search, how to analyze and solve common problems, and how to use many of Solr’s features such as faceting, spell checking, and highlighting.

Topics covered include: how to make content searchable; basics and best practices for indexing and searching using Solr; how to integrate Solr into your solutions; techniques to analyze and resolve common search issues.

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Erik Hatcher


Erik Hatcher co-authored “Lucene in Action” and “Java Development with Ant”. Erik is an active member of the Lucene community – a leading Lucene and Solr committer, member of the Lucene Project Management Committee, member of the Apache Software Foundation as well as a frequent invited speaker at various industry events.

Erik is a co-founder of Lucidworks, creators of the Fusion search/ML/AI platform.

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Noah Adler
07/28/2011 6:18am PDT

I thought this was a great introduction to a very compelling topic. Sorry I don’t know Ruby. I will learn it.

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Erik Hatcher
07/28/2011 5:38am PDT

Becky – I appreciate your feedback, though disappointed that you found it unengaging. It’s a tough format to explain all of Solr in only three hours. I’ll be factoring your feedback into future deliveries, removing some content and expounding on few topics in more depth.

Becky Vorpagel
07/28/2011 4:53am PDT

unengaging, not a tutorial, didn’t expand on slides sufficiently