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Presentation: Seph Presentation [PDF]
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Seph is a new experimental language. It is based on pure differential prototype based object orientation, with immutability and polymorphic dispatch built in deep. Seph uses the new features in Java 7 to full effect, by compiling highly dynamic code to use method handles and invoke dynamic. It’s got light weight threads and the mature concurrency primitives from Clojure.

Seph is still very young. This presentation will introduce the basics of the language, the rationale behind some of the core language decisions and some thoughts on where interesting avenues for further development might be found.

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Ola Bini


Ola Bini is a Swedish developer currently working for ThoughtWorks in London, United Kingdom. He has been one of the core developers for JRuby since 2006 and is the author of APress book Practical JRuby on Rails. He has much experience with Java, Ruby and LISP. He has been involved with several other open source projects but JRuby takes most of his time.

He has been known to like implementing languages, writing regular expression engines, YAML parsers and other similar things that exist at the border computer science.

Ola has presented at numerous conferences including The Server Side Java Symposium – Europe, RailsConf Europe, JavaPolis and