Presentation Aikido

Tools and Techniques
Location: D136
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The best, most effective presentations capture the audience quickly, hold their interest effortlessly, educate and entertain them in equal measure, and sometimes even inspire them. This tutorial explores simple and practical techniques for achieving those goals in any kind of technical presentation.

The class explores seven basic principles of good presentation, covering preparation, content selection, delivery techniques, and handling questions (or the lack thereof). It also explores a dozen simple and practical techniques for making your slides not suck.

In recent years, this class has been available only to official OSCON speakers. This year we are once again opening it up to all attendees.

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Damian Conway


Damian Conway is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer, and a prominent contributor to the Perl community. Currently he runs Thoughtstream, an international IT training company that provides programmer training from beginner to masterclass level throughout Europe, North America, and Australasia. Most of his spare time over the past decade has been spent working with Larry Wall on the design and explication of the Perl 6 programming language. He has a PhD in Computer Science and was until recently an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Australia.

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Jennifer Cohen
07/28/2011 2:41am PDT

He was totally right—watching this talk really affected how I watched the rest of the conference. He had so many tips on how to structure your presentation, keep audience engaged, stay on time, and I found myself wishing some persevered had sat through this talk, too. So useful, thanks!

Berend Tober
07/27/2011 5:07am PDT

Really great presentation. Very useful information presented in a lively and engaging manner. I came into the talk halfway through at the break, and I am so glad I switched rooms. Lots of valuable experience was shared.

Picture of Joel Parker
Joel Parker
07/25/2011 9:47am PDT

Fantastically useful session on good presenting techniques. Highly recommended.

Picture of Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith
07/25/2011 5:37am PDT

Great Session and very interactive…I took tons of notes…thanks for the printed documentation also :o)