Ganeti Web Manager: Cluster Management Made Simple

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Does Google’s Ganeti technology power your cloud? Looking for a fast, easy and scalable way to manage your Ganeti-based clusters? Ganeti Web Manager provides administrators an easy to deploy, Django based GUI that helps effectively manage private clusters and works equally well for those looking to provide cluster access to customers. With a caching system designed to scale to many thousands of virtual machines without decreasing performance, Ganeti Web Manager makes cluster management for administrators truly simple.

During this talk, you will:

  • Get an overview of virtualization in Ganeti-based clusters
  • Learn more about Ganeti Web Manager’s internals and roadmap, including it’s ultra-flexible permissions system and templating system for deploying many VMs
  • Go on a deep dive into Ganeti Web Manager’s elegant caching mechanisms
  • See how using Ganeti Web Manager allows administrators a simple way to provide excellent services to their end users

Attendees will also get the opportunity to see how Ganeti Web Manager works in a full production environment at Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab, a non-profit organization that provides hosting to high-profile open source projects like the Apache Software Foundation, Drupal and the Linux Kernel

Photo of Lance Albertson

Lance Albertson

Oregon State University Open Source Lab

Lance Albertson is the Director for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) and has been involved with the Gentoo Linux project as a developer and package maintainer since 2003. Since joining the OSL in 2007, Lance has managed all of the hosting activities that the OSL provides for nearly 160 high-profile open source projects. He was recently promoted to Director in early 2013 after being the Lead Systems Administration and Architect since 2007.

Prior to joining the OSUOSL, Lance was a UNIX Administrator for the Enterprise Server Technologies group at Kansas State University. Lance prepared for life as a career systems administrator by grappling with natural systems first, joining his father near Hiawatha, Kansas on the family farm growing corn and soybeans.

In his free time he helps organize the Corvallis Beer and Blog and plays trumpet in a local jazz group The Infallible Collective. He holds a B.A. in Agriculture Technology Management from Kansas State University, where he minored in Agronomy and Computer Science.

Photo of Peter  Krenesky

Peter Krenesky

Open Source Lab

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Peter is the Lead Software Engineer for the Open Source Lab. During his six years at the lab, he’s worked on many projects to improve life at the lab and academic computing. Peter founded the Ganeti Web Manager project in September 2010 to make cluster management at the OSL easier and to power the Supercell testing cluster.

Some of Peter’s current projects include the Protein Geometry Database, a tool aiding biochemistry researchers, and various Django reusable apps. Past projects have included software for the One Laptop Per Child project and Helix Media Player. In his spare time, he hacks on Android applications. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the Wentworth Institute of Technology.