Painless Application Security with Apache Shiro

Java: Server
Location: B110-111

Apache Shiro is a flexible open-source application security framework that supports the four cornerstones of application security: authentication, authorization, enterprise session management, and cryptography.

Led by Les Hazlewood, Apache Shiro PMC Chair, join us to learn:

  • Why you might want to use Shiro instead of alternatives like JAAS or Spring Security
  • The core architectural concepts of the framework
  • How to enable all four cornerstones for any application (standalone, mobile phone, web based, etc)
  • An overview of Shiro’s innovative web support module and security filtering capabilities
Photo of Les Hazlewood

Les Hazlewood

Katasoft, Inc.

Les Hazelwood is co-founder and CTO of Stormpath, a cloud security start-up, and the Apache Shiro PMC Chair. Prior to forming Stormpath, he held senior architecture positions at Bloomberg and Delta Airlines and he was former CTO of a software engineering firm supporting educational and government agencies. Les has been actively involved in Open Source development for more than 10 years, committing or contributing to to projects like the Spring Framework, JBoss, OpenSpaces, and of course Apache Shiro. Les currently lives in San Mateo, CA and practices Kendo and studies Japanese when he’s not programming.