PHP Performance Issues: Prevention and Diagnostics

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One of the more common problems that many organizations face is the perception of performance in their web applications. Or rather, the lack of it. With this presentation we will take a look at several different performance “best practices” and also look at some ways you can analyze what is happening on your server. Not only will we look at PHP, but we will look at several different links in the execution chain, such as the database, network latency, IO contention, CPU utilization, and network connectivity along with best practices/pit falls/fhings to consider, all of which can negatively or positively affect the performance of your web application.

Kevin Schroeder

Zend Technologies

Kevin Schroeder, Technology Evangelist for Zend Technologies, is well versed in a wide variety of technologies pertinent to both small and large scale application deployments. He has developed production software using a wide variety of languages including PHP, Java (standalone and web-based applications), Javascript, HTML, SQL, Perl, Visual Basic, ASP and occasionally C. His software development experience is accompanied with extensive experience as system administrator on platforms including Linux, Solaris and Windows on scales of a single server up to several hundred servers on installations that range from a few to millions of users. He has spoken at several conferences and is also the co-author of “The IBM i Programmer’s Guide to PHP” and author of the upcoming “You want to do WHAT with PHP?”. In his spare time he races Ferraris, with a dismal win record in his Honda. He can be found online at speaking in the first person.