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Open source folks are naturally lazy. Anything mundane task they can automate, they will. So what does an open source developer do when faced with planning, planting, and tediously watering a garden? Automate!

Lazy hackers will appreciate the Garduino, an open hardware Arduino to automatically water your garden and tweet at you when your plants are thirsty. Want a frost alert on your android phone so you know to cover your precious tomato starts? How about a tool that tells you when to start seeds, when plants will be harvested, and whether you’re going to have too much lettuce in July? (Automatic seed planter not included.) Or what about a cairo-based garden plotter to let you know you don’t have space for said seedlings?

Come discover open source tools for all types of garden hackers.

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Sarah Sharp

Otter Tech LLC

Sarah is the founder of Otter Tech a consulting company offering open source training, software development, and diversity consulting.

Sarah Sharp is a Linux and open source developer, and has been running Debian-based Linux systems since 2003. She was a Linux kernel developer from 2006 to 2013, and is the original author of the Linux USB 3.0 xHCI host controller driver.

Sarah is also a co-coordinator for Outreachy, a paid internship program for increasing diversity in open source programs. Applications are open to women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people, and United States residents of any gender who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin@, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander.

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Sarah Sharp
07/28/2011 10:05am PDT

The slides are now posted on slideshare:

Alfred Iacovella
07/28/2011 12:53am PDT

Will you be posting the slides from the OSCON presentation?

Casper Bodewitz
07/27/2011 1:25pm PDT

Thanks for sharin your ongoing project :-) I hope your Blender dream comes true one day!!