Ensemble And The Art Of Service Orchestration

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Is anybody else tired of hearing about the Cloud? Sick of hearing about
how its going to change everything and how it can scale infinitely and
that it makes the best Belgian waffles you’ve ever had.

Whats missing, the reason you don’t have your waffles yet, is a way to tie
it all together in a way that makes sense. We’re still hitting the cloud
screw with a server hammer, and wondering why its not very satisfying.

Ensemble is a new model, with an implementation, for service
orchestration on top of Ubuntu. Bring up existing best of breed open
source technologies, plug your app into them rapidly, and scale easily.

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Clint Byrum


Clint Byrum is a member of the Canonical Ubuntu Server Team, bringing years of Ops and Development experience in web environments to the task of making Ubuntu Server shine. irc: SpamapS