Open Source Tools, Social Media and Crisis Response

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This is an introduction into the concepts of using open source software and crowdsourced solutions to solve the world’s worst crises, whether caused by catastrophe, violence or neglect.

We will delve into the open source tools used today…Ushahidi, OpenStreetMap, Sahana, Frontline SMS (and more) to look at how these tools have been used in the field and how they may be improved to better serve our common man when he needs help the most.

This discussion will also look at the concepts of social media, cloud sourcing, crowd sourcing, virtual volunteering, crisis camps, hackathons and the successes and challenges of each in Crisis Response.

Johnny Diggz launched Geeks without Bounds ( in October of 2010. Prior to that, he spent months traveling the US and talking to groups and Hackerspaces in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, Atlanta, New York, DC, Buffalo and Boston. Along the way, he discovered a network of geeks ready to help their local communities in times of crisis, and also ready to help communities across the globe.

By bringing together volunteer groups, developers, hackers, companies, government agencies, and NGO’s we can build a better global response system…one that not only helps our neighbors next door, but also our neighbors across the planet.

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Johnny Diggz

Geeks Without Bounds

Johnny Diggz is a musician, filmmaker, entrepreneur and Chief Technology Evangelist at Tropo. In 1995, Diggz launched iPost Universal Messaging, the world’s first Internet-based unified messaging platform. In 2000, he co-founded Voxeo, the industry leader in unlocked communications.

He produced the indie feature film, The Karaoke King, a musical comedy which premiered in 2007 at the Cinema City International Film Festival. Since 2008 he’s performed as dueling piano player at Howl at the Moon in Orlando and is the co-host of the award-winning Drew Show Podcast.

In 2010, Diggz launched Geeks Without Bounds, an international humanitarian organization of geeks working together to assist people whose survival is threatened by lack of access to technology or communications due to violence, neglect, or catastrophe.