Making Your PHP Application Easy to Customize

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How many times have you installed a PHP web application on your webserver, then realized you need to customize it to meet your needs? Then after you have customized it, you find yourself with no easy upgrade path without massive merging and diffing of the source code.

When we developed SugarCRM, we made upgrade-safeness a priority. We provide ways for our customers to put thier customizations in a safe area that we don’t destroy, and provide tools to make customizating most common place in the application easy to do. In this talk, I’ll talk about the strategies we’ve taken here, and how you can take these concepts back to your own application.

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John Mertic

Linux Foundation

John Mertic is Director of Program Management at the Linux Foundation, where he leads ODPi, R Consortium, and Open Mainframe Project and has helped numerous other open source projects. John comes from a PHP and open source background. Previously, he was director of business development software alliances at Bitnami, a developer, evangelist, and partnership leader at SugarCRM, board member at OW2, president of OpenSocial, and a frequent conference speaker around the world. As an avid writer, John has published articles on IBM Developerworks, Apple Developer Connection, and PHP Architect and authored The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications and Building on SugarCRM.