Real-time Web Communications

Javascript & HTML5
Location: Portland Ballroom
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This presentation starts out discussing the need for real-time communications and how the user experience is impacted by the way data is transfered from the client to the server. After the introduction, I move on to a simple example of short polling. I discuss the user experience, efficiency and server impact of this technique. After exposing the short comings of short polling, I offer a solution via traditional long polling. Again, the user experience, efficiency and server impact are discussed through a short example. To overcome the deficiencies of traditional long polling, I offer an example of long polling using one traditional web server and one purpose built messaging server. Finally as the ultimate solution, I present an example using WebSockets. As with all previous examples the advantages and disadvantages of this approach are discussed with regards to the user experience, efficiency and server impacts.

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Scott Mattocks

GSN Digital

Scott Mattocks is the Web Development Lead at He leads a team of skilled developers in support of GSN’s on-line games group. Recently, Scott helped to launch WaterSpout, a WebSocket server, with long polling fallback, written entirely in PHP. Scott is also a contributor to PEAR and is the author of “Pro PHP-GTK