Testing LAMP Applications

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Most web applications are changed and adapted quite frequently and quickly. Their environment, for example the size and the behaviour of the user base, are constantly changing. What was sufficient yesterday can be insufficient today. Especially in a web environment it is important to monitor and continuously improve the internal quality not only when developing, but also when maintaining the software.

Packed with in-depth information and step-by-step guidance, this tutorial sets you on a path to create, maintain and extend sustainable software of high quality with PHP. You will learn how to plan, execute and automate tests for the different layers and tiers of a Web application.

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Sebastian Bergmann


Sebastian Bergmann has instrumentally contributed to tranforming PHP into a reliable platform for large-scale, critical projects. Enterprises and PHP developers around the world benefit from the tools that he has developed and the experience he shares.

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Sebastian Bergmann
07/26/2011 6:55am PDT

I uploaded them to O’Reilly’s site as well as to SlideShare: www.slideshare.net/sebastia...

Scott Page
07/26/2011 6:12am PDT

Are the slides from this presentation available?