Hacking Yourself with Open Source Software

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Quantified Self gives you the ability to track and measure yourself in deeper and more meaningful ways then ever before.

Behavioral Economics gives us insights into why it so difficult to change some things about ourselves.

Mash the two together and you get a completely new phenomenon. Programmable Self. Just like programming on Linux is totally different than programming on Windows, programming on ones-self has its own platform-specific issues. Can’t quite smoking or lose weight? Learn to see those as error states.

Most importantly learn how Open Source Health Information Software and Open Data API’s (like Google Health and the Withings Scale API) form the “scripting environment” for this new programming environment.

Take home working example code that will demonstrate how to use web services to help you lose weight, exercise and/or quit smoking.

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Fred Trotter


Fred Trotter is a healthcare data journalist with the DocGraph project. Trotter has done lots of things in Health IT, including visiting NCVHS to testify on the definition of ‘meaningful use’ and was one of the original designers of the Direct Project.

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Jason Phillips
08/16/2011 10:12am PDT

Very interesting topic

Picture of Fred Trotter
Fred Trotter
07/28/2011 2:26pm PDT

Session notes: My project lives at OpenGlaze:http://openglaze.com If you want to track what I am doing in the future, that is the place to look… Other resources that I spoke about:

My reverse geo-token project lives at TokenGeo:http://tokengeo.com/ The best site to put contracts out on yourself is Stickk:http://stickk.com If you want to run a weight lose group you might try FatBet:http://fatbet.net FigureRunning:http://figurerunning.com/ Is something that I did not know about. I think the zombie running app is called runzombierun, but I could not find a working link to the app.

Picture of Dave Neary
Dave Neary
07/28/2011 8:22am PDT

My favourite type of presentation – interactive, and I discovered a bunch of interesting projects. Need session notes!