Building Web Applications with MongoDB

Data: NoSQL Databases
Location: B118-119
Tags: nosql_nerd
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In this workshop, one of the core MongoDB committers will present the fundamental principles of MongoDB, how to set up and interact with the database, and what to consider when building applications using a document-based data model. This workshop will cover:

  • How to install and configure MongoDB
  • Basic administration via MongoDB’s JavaScript console
  • How the MongoDB drivers work, and how to use them to build applications
  • Data modeling with MongoDB documents
  • Scaling with MongoDB (master/slave configurations, replica sets, and auto-sharding)
  • Unique database features, including capped collections, large file storage, and atomic updates
Photo of Roger Bodamer

Roger Bodamer


Roger heads the West Coast Operations for 10gen, the company that
develops and supports the open source database MongoDB. He has over 20 years of experience of building and delivering great and innovative
products to market and has deep expertise and knowledge of database
architectures and internals. Roger holds several patents for database
and middleware technology. His experience leading product development
and engineering teams includes 12 years with Oracle’s Database and
Application Server development organization where he pioneered
products that delivered heterogeneous interoperability, as well as
several years as SVP of product operations and engineering at Apple’s
PowerSchool division. Roger also held leadership positions at OuterBay
and Efficient Frontier. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer
science from the HogeSchool Enschede.

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Picture of Sheeri K. Cabral
Sheeri K. Cabral
09/04/2011 9:58pm PDT

A video for this talk can be found at

Andy Lim
08/03/2011 12:25am PDT

Thanks for posting them. There were so many sessions between all 3 conferences, I am just now catching up with all the information.

Picture of Roger Bodamer
Roger Bodamer
08/02/2011 1:29pm PDT

SLides now posted on slideshare:

Andy Lim
08/02/2011 2:50am PDT

Are the slides for this session posted someplace?