Deploying Apache Traffic Server

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Apache Traffic Server is a high capacity, high performance, caching HTTP proxy server. As such, it has many, some would say too many, bells and whistles that can be tuned. This presentation will try to dispel some of this fear, and show that in most cases, configuration Traffic Server is really straight forward. We will also briefly show the audience how to compile and install Traffic Server from source, which unfortunately is necessary until we get common distributions to pick it up and prepare binary distributions.

We will present several typical use cases for Apache TS, and show exactly, with demonstrations, how you would go ahead to configure the system. The typical use cases we will examine include

  • Serving static content, typically out of cache
  • Managing connections, typically for dynamic content
  • Forward and transparent proxy

In addition to these common configurations, we will also introduce some of the more advanced Traffic Server features. These include

  • Clustering for distributed configuration and caches (very cool!)
  • Cache configurations and management
  • Monitoring tools and tricks.
  • Tips for some plugins that are very useful.

After attending this presentation, the audience will be able to deploy and configure Traffic Server for the most common tasks where you would deploy a caching proxy server.

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Leif Hedstrom


Leif Hedstrom is an Engineer at Apple, in the Global Network Services group, working on
various Cloud and Edge related projects. Before joining Apple, he designed and implemented several CDN and Edge solutions at GoDaddy, Akamai and Yahoo. Prior to
Yahoo, he worked at Netscape Communications, and later Mozilla as a
committer. Leif is actively involved with development and evangelism of
the Apache Traffic Server Open Source project.

Leif is an avid dirt biker, alpine skier, dog person, scuba diver and
family man. And of course, he’s a huge computer nerd.

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Leif Hedstrom
07/28/2011 9:14am PDT

Slides are also available at

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Leif Hedstrom
06/02/2011 10:48am PDT

Besides what is listed about, what else would you like me to cover or explain? Anything that’s particularly bad (or good) in your experiences with Apache Traffic Server?