OSCON Java Is a Wrap!

Save the date: OSCON returns to the Oregon Convention Center July 16-20, 2012.

Open Source and Java: Better Together

Cloud computing, big data, mobile--that's where developers find the juicy new challenges in today's tech world. And the killer combination for taking them on is Java and open source.

Java: scalable, reliable, rich in code libraries, and a smart choice for building software in this age of distributed and parallelized computing.

Open source: once the disruptive upstart, now the default, and long the wellspring for innovation in Java.

They're better together, and OSCON Java brings you the best of both.

Co-located with OSCON at the Oregon Convention Center this July, OSCON Java focuses on open source technologies that make up the Java ecosystem. You'll meet your peers and learn about the latest tools, languages, and platforms that are core to making Java developers more productive and successful.

Why OSCON Java?

More about why we're having OSCON Java-- read this post on O'Reilly Radar, "Why OSCON Java?", or watch an interview with Edd Dumbill, OSCON program chair.

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