Convince Your Boss - Building a Business Case to Attend OSCON

You know that conferences are one of the most efficient ways to learn about best practices and new tools and techniques, expand your circle of smart thinkers, comparison shop the latest products, and get inspiration to streamline and energize your day-to-day operations. But do you—or your boss—need help justifying continuing education? Below are a few ideas and points to make your case to attend OSCON.

Add to the bottom line as you:

  • Learn actionable techniques for elegant, quality coding
  • Get the information you need to migrate from expensive commercial installations to more efficient, cost-effective open source solutions
  • Explore innovations in system and network administration that your company can start implementing immediately to increase efficiency
  • Master essential techniques and advanced tips to scale and optimize your systems for trouble-free, time-saving performance
  • Learn how to maximize productivity, increase ease of use, and lower the cost of deployment, from databases to cloud computing
  • Get exposure to the most promising projects and people to give you first-mover advantage in analyzing new tools and software
  • Stay ahead of the curve with new technologies, platforms, and languages like HTML5, Android, Clojure and OpenStack.
  • Receive hype-free guidance that will help your business build a solid footing for future success

Why More Training?

  • In-house professional development means less outsourcing and greater efficiency
  • Better understanding of options and integration cuts operating expenses
  • Learning to plan for growth reduces costly mistakes in the long run
  • Stay competitive by increasing your company's—and your own—skills and knowledge base on open source technologies and products
  • Professional development leads to greater job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Some employers worry about investing in their staff who then leave. Wouldn't it be worse to have undertrained staff stay?

Why Network?

  • Making connections with other professionals provides resources for future projects
  • Discussing how other people have implemented processes cuts down the time to execute similar projects at your company
  • Building your circle gives you strong options for your next key hire
  • OSCON's Attendee Directory allows you to set business meetings with other conference participants before and during the event, and keeps you connected after it ends

Show What You'll Learn

  • Be topic savvy: With 20 different tracks and over 200 sessions to choose from covering a wide variety of subjects, there will always be a session to fit your educational needs
  • Create your Personal Schedule—mark the sessions you think will benefit you (and your company) most if you attend OSCON and show it to your boss
  • Attending with other members of your team? Use your Personal Schedules to avoid overlap and make sure you're maximizing company time in sessions

Share the Know-how

Let your boss know that you'll also educate the rest of the team:

  • Plan a working lunch presentation after you return
  • Write up a report and action plan based on what you took away from OSCON
  • Supplement your own materials with the speakers' slides and keynote videos, which are posted as the convention progresses
  • Gather up information from the Expo Hall and bring it back to the office so your colleagues can review it too
  • Make a database with the business cards, Twitter handles, and other contact information you bring back and share this experts’ network with your team

Get the Most from Your Budget

  • Register Early: the earlier you sign up, the more you save on registration costs, travel, and hotel
  • Check out the Discounts: If you qualify, a discount can be used during the Early Registration phase to save even more
  • Bring a Team: Send three or more colleagues from your company and save 15% on each registration. Each person can attend different tutorials and sessions to bring back even more valuable skills, tips, and techniques
  • OSCON Twitter, and Facebook followers are always eligible for discounts


It's where the open source world meets. OSCON brings together people like you from across the open source universe, offering a broader perspective than niche events and exposure to the best of the best.

Be challenged and inspired. Hear from our roster of over 300 speakers, who come from a variety of backgrounds, about how they, and you, are changing the world through open source.

Understand the changing world of open source technology. Program chairs Edd Dumbill and Sarah Novotny and their OSCON Program Committee work carefully to take the pulse of the technology landscape, briefing you on key trends and developments like Cloud, Scala, Health IT, NoSQL, and mobile.

Keep your skills up to date. OSCON offers top-quality tutorials, sessions on a broad range of topics, a product-rich Expo Hall, and high-level keynotes. Choose the registration package that fits your educational needs.

Get it from the source. With 17 different tracks and over 175 sessions, you'll get to hear and talk with project leaders, experts, and vendors.

Understand how your business can use open source. Established and successful users of open source share their experience and advice on business, community, and legal topics.

Share and Collaborate. Open source is all about the people, and OSCON's participants are eager to share ideas and debate issues. The hallways of OSCON have been the birthplace of many ideas and collaborations, and OSCON’s after hours events are a great way to meet and network with like-minded people.

Meet face-to-face with the people behind the latest in open source technology. The lively Expo Hall at OSCON plays host to a broad variety of companies and organizations working in open source. Network with vendors and community leaders, and find out who's hiring.

A celebration of open source. OSCON is brought to you by O'Reilly Media Inc.. For more than 30 years O'Reilly has been an active participant in the technology and open source community, and has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism

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