Sessions tagged with 'scala'

9:15am–10:00am Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Jonas Bonér (AkkaSource)
We believe that writing correct concurrent, fault-tolerant and scalable applications is too hard. Most of the time it's because we are using the wrong tools and the wrong level of abstraction. Akka is here to change that.
10:40am–11:20am Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Thomas Lockney (Nike and PNWScala), Trenton Lipscomb (Amazon Web Services, LLC)
We provide you an introduction to the Scala programming language through its powerful capabilities to integrating with Java. We will demonstrate how Scala can be an effective means of exploring Java libraries such as JAXB, HttpClient and Hibernate. We will show why Scala is our preferred harness, with capabilities beyond Java, Beanshell or Groovy.
4:15pm–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Moderated by:
Daniel Spiewak (Novell)
Scala is an intensely powerful language. One of the most obvious ways in which this manifests is the syntax, which is wonderfully amenable to internal DSLs and flexible APIs (not to mention endless reams of obfuscated sources and fanciful operators). Despite the superficial flash of Scala's syntactic skin, its true power lies in the type system and in the language's deep semantic constructs.
1:30pm–2:15pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
The Lift Web Framework provides an advanced set of tools for quickly and easily building real-time, multi-users, interactive web applications. Lift is a hybrid web framework built on Scala. Lift derives its features and idioms from the best of existing web frameworks as well as the FP & OO features in Scala. Join David as he builds a multi-user, browser-based chat app in Lift.
2:15pm–3:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
The Android platform and Scala language are home to some of the most exciting software progress in the greater Java ecosystem. Why not use them both together? The Android development kit's command line tools make the platform easily adaptable to a programmable builder like Simple Build Tool, while Scala's deep interoperability with Java ensures that nothing is lost in the translation.
3:30pm–4:15pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Alexander Payne (BankSimple), Coda Hale (Yammer, Inc.)
Scala is in production today. Hear from developers at Twitter and Yammer of their real world experience deploying Scala.
8:30am–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
A comprehensive introduction to the Scala programming language and ecosystem.
10:30am–11:15am Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Mark Harrah (Independent)
Simple build tool aims to do the basics well. sbt is fast, unintrusive and easy to set up, and supports testing, contineous compilation, parallel task execution and dependency management.
11:15am–12:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
After a short overview of the specs BDD library you'll learn how specs leverages the unique features of Scala to provide: a textual specification of the software to develop, flexible matchers for expectations, a concise api on top of the Mockito Java api, data tables which look like real tables in the code and much more!
1:30pm–5:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
Dean Wampler (Anyscale)
Scala is a hybrid object-functional language for the JVM. Java programmers can easily migrate to Scala as an improved Java, then learn to exploit its powerful support for Functional Programming. Developers from other languages can exploit the JVM's power and rich libraries using a state-of-the-art language. Come learn why Scala is seductive; why it meets the needs of the modern developer.
8:30am–9:15am Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Alexander Payne (BankSimple), Dean Wampler (Anyscale)
Welcome and introduction from the summit chairs Alex Payne and Dean Wampler, and an overview of what makes Scala unique and more productive to work with.
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