Sessions tagged with 'php'

8:30am–12:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Graham Weldon (Cake Development Corporation)
A complete application build from concept through design, modelling, development and deployment in a three hour session. Lead by a Core CakePHP developer, this session is a combination of CakePHP overview of capabilities as well as an introduction to improvements and changes in the recently released CakePHP 1.3 beta. Take this opportunity to learn rapid development from a CakePHP developer
8:00pm–9:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
Moderated by: Graham Weldon
Mingle with CakePHP developers and users alike to discuss the movement of the framework as it emerges on its development towards the groundbreaking 2.0 version, and the new features that are in the recent release of CakePHP 1.3.
7:00pm–8:00pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Moderated by: Douglas Bell
Organizations, businesses, clubs, and all kinds of user groups around the world are using online bulletin boards to bring communities together, and phpBB is the most widely used free and open source bulletin board solution on the internet. Join phpBB users and team members from across the West Coast to learn more about phpBB and how you can use it to bring your community together online.
5:20pm–6:00pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
John Mertic (Linux Foundation)
Presentation: external link
Talks about how to develop PHP applications that can be deployed on many different platforms with ease.
1:30pm–5:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
This tutorial explores new concepts in web security. After a solid grounding in well-known exploits, I'll demonstrate how traditional exploits are being combined together and with other technologies to launch sophisticated attacks that penetrate firewalls, target users, and spread like worms. I'll then discuss some ideas for the future to help you provide a better, more secure user experience.
10:40am–11:20am Thursday, 07/22/2010
Haiping Zhao (Facebook)
HipHop programmatically transforms your PHP source code into highly optimized C++ and then uses g++ to compile it.
8:30am–12:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Ikai Lan (Google, Inc.)
Google App Engine is an development & hosting platform that lets you build & deploy web applications on Google's high-traffic infrastructure. You only need to upload your code: no more worrying about machines, storage, scalability! This tutorial introduces attendees to its architecture & various service APIs. In the hands-on lab, you'll build+deploy a real app to the cloud using Python in minutes!
11:30am–12:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Replacing double quotes with single quotes makes your PHP applications faster, right? This talk covers that and more, with advanced optimization techniques and beginner pitfalls.
7:00pm–8:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
Moderated by: Graham Weldon
CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, CodeIgnitor, Solaar, Lithium, you name it, the PHP Frameworks BoF is here to discuss the various frameworks and application development techniques that exist and are emerging in the PHP arena as more people move to PHP5 and PHP 5.3 support.
1:40pm–2:20pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Luke Welling (Tidal Labs)
Future Luke has traveled back from the year 2050 to give past Luke a beating for leaving bad code behind. Find out what you can do now to prevent future you from hating yourself, what happens to PHP over the next 40 years, and get an opportunity to ask somebody from 2050 when we will finally get our flying cars and why everybody in science fiction versions of the future has to wear a jumpsuit.
2:30pm–3:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
This talk is about a new extension that allows PHP source code to be modified by other PHP scripts pre-compilation. This allows for many things, from code verification to macro processing.
4:30pm–5:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
This session, given by the creator of PHPUnit, will shine a light on best practices when it comes to testing PHP code.
8:30am–12:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
In this tutorial, Sebastian Bergmann, a pioneer in the field of quality assurance in PHP projects and creator of PHPUnit, imparts comprehensive knowledge and experience about testing and quality assurance in PHP-based software projects.
11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Ikai Lan (Google, Inc.)
Google App Engine is an development & hosting platform that lets you build & deploy web applications on Google's high-traffic infrastructure. You only need to upload your code: no more worrying about machines, storage, scalability! This session introduces attendees to its architecture & various service APIs. Time-permitting we'll go through a simple example using Python.
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  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • (mt) Media Temple, Inc.
  • ActiveState
  • CommonPlaces
  • DB Relay
  • FireHost
  • GoDaddy
  • HP
  • HTSQL by Prometheus Research
  • Impetus Technologies Inc.
  • Infobright, Inc
  • JasperSoft
  • Kaltura
  • Marvell
  • Mashery
  • NorthScale, Inc.
  • Open Invention Network
  • OpSource
  • Oracle
  • Parallels
  • PayPal
  • Percona
  • Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.
  • Rhomobile
  • Schooner Information Technology
  • Silicon Mechanics
  • SourceGear
  • Symbian
  • VoltDB
  • WSO2
  • Linux Pro Magazine

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