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5:40pm–6:00pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Tom Van Cutsem (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Presentation: AmbientTalk Presentation [PDF]
AmbientTalk can best be summarized as "a scripting language for mobile phones". It's a dynamic, object-oriented, JVM-compatible, distributed programming language. AmbientTalk's focus is on applications to be deployed in so-called "mobile ad hoc networks" - networks of mobile devices that communicate peer-to-peer using wireless communication technology, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.
8:30am–12:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
Marko Gargenta (PlusPlus)
Learn how to develop mobile apps for Android platform in this quick tutorial. Assuming you are familiar with Java or similar OOP, this hands-on example-driven tutorial will show you how Android uses Java and how you can quickly pick it up to start programming for mobile devices.
5:20pm–6:00pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
So you have a web service and it has an API and you've already written an iPhone app and an Android app, but you realize that some users are still using those phones from Canada with push email. Follow along as a Perl developer shows you how to learn enough of the Blackberry platform to start offering an on-device experience to your BlackBerry users.
1:40pm–2:20pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Paul Beusterien (Symbian Foundation)
Mobile devices are at the nexus of innovation of the desktop, the web, and embedded systems. Mobile developers need usable, functional tools to create compelling apps for mobile. We'll explore how open source contributes to the value and capability of tools for mobile developers and how the transformational challenges have been overcome.
11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Jonathan Stark (Jonathan Stark Consulting)
Explore an alternative approach to native mobile app development that allows you to create smooth animation, operate in offline mode, and hook into advanced device features (accelerometer, camera, location, vibration, and sound) using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
1:30pm–5:00pm Monday, 07/19/2010
Kevin Whinnery (Appcelerator)
HTML, CSS and JavaScript are quickly becoming the development languages of choice for creating native mobile applications. By using the open source Titanium platform, web developers can create apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry using a single code base.
9:30am–9:45am Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Dirk Hohndel (Intel Corporation)
Presentation: Got MeeGo_ Presentation [PPT]
Since the MeeGo project was launched in February of this year, we've made great progress with the launch of MeeGo 1.0, providing developers with a stable core foundation for application development and a rich user experience for Netbooks, and the opening of the handset user experience as part of the MeeGo 1.1 development tree.
11:00am–11:40am Friday, 07/23/2010
Paul Scott (DSTV Online)
With the proliferation of social networks and social networking we have fundamentally changed the ways that we do business, interact with people and make new friends. Those living in more disparate and rural communities do not always have access to this phenomenon until now, where we are able to deploy low bandwidth social networks via mobile and web.
2:30pm–3:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Jesse Vincent (Keyboardio)
K-9 Mail is an open source email client for Android. It began life as a single feature fork of Android 1.0's core email client. Since fall of 2008, K-9 has seen several dozen contributors and a few thousand commits. Picking up Android from scratch can be somewhat daunting. This talk will give you a leg up as you start into your first Android application.
4:30pm–5:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Michael Meeks (Novell, Inc.)
The MeeGo platform is an exciting new project, unifying the best of the Moblin and Maemo projects. Come and see how it all stacks up from Netbook to hand-set, and get excited about the wealth of usability and possibility.
11:30am–12:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Sunil Saxena (Intel Corporation)
MeeGo is an open source Linux project for platforms such as netbooks/entry-level desktops, handheld computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs, and media phones. Attend this session to gain insight into the architecture and key technologies of MeeGo.
11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Mike Milikich (Qualcomm Innovation Center (QuIC))
This presentation will examine the pros and cons of mobile native and web app development, and the likely route to their convergence.
10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/23/2010
Presentation: external link
At OSCON 2008, NPR launched our first API. Two years later, the API has grown tremendously and has become the centerpiece of NPR's digital strategy. Come hear how and why NPR has invested so much into API's, how people are using them, how they have dramatically improved our mobile offerings, and about our vision for open source.
1:30pm–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/20/2010
Lars Kurth (Citrix Systems Ltd), Paul Beusterien (Symbian Foundation)
During this tutorial, we will discuss the global platform opportunities at Symbian, along with how to best create, develop and deploy a web app using our Symbian Web Tools. Then we will explore Qt, a cross platform application and UI framework. Using Qt you can deploy apps across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.
10:40am–11:20am Thursday, 07/22/2010
Brian LeRoux (Nitobi Inc.), Filip Maj (Nitobi)
Find out what the buzz is all about! Learn how to use PhoneGap to build platform-neutral mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now's your chance to find out if the PhoneGap open source framework is the right technology choice for your mobile development projects.
4:30pm–5:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
David Avital (Marvell Semiconductor)
Marvell will explore various market opportunities and share information about the Android market for Marvell’s open source, eco-friendly Plug Computer. Marvell's Plug Computer enables development of new value-added services and applications for mobile devices of all screen sizes.
1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Justin Mattson (Google, Inc.)
Presentation: external link
Come hear tips and war stories on making fast, responsive Android apps. No more ANRs! Eliminate event loop stalls! Fast start-ups! Optimized database queries with minimal I/O! Also, learn about the tools and techniques we use to find performance problems across the system and hear what's coming in the future.
4:30pm–5:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Aaron Williamson (Tor Ekeland P.C.)
As Android is rolled out to more new phones, and as other open source mobile operating systems surface, mobile users are beginning to enjoy many of the same freedoms as desktop users. However, even the most open smartphones are locked down to one degree or another. This talk will explore the reasons -- legal, technical, regulatory, and economic -- that a truly open phone does not yet exist.

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