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Location: Portland Ballroom
Tags: android, google
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Join us at OSCON Android Hands-on, an intense, technical, and structured event led by Google Android experts. The goal is that you leave the room with foundation skills for writing interesting code for an open-source stack that runs on a pocket-sized Internet-connected device.

Co-presented by Google and O’Reilly, the Hands-on takes place after the Expo Hall reception on Wednesday, July 21 from 7:00-10:00 pm.

Advance registration (separate from your OSCON registration) is required, and is open only to registered conference attendees and speakers. Sorry, Expo Only pass holders and booth staff are not eligible for this event. Seating is limited, and is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Some specific topics we’ll cover:

  • Porting existing C codebases to Android
  • Integrating Android apps with RESTful web interfaces
  • UI patterns and best practices

If you’re considering participating, you might want to keep these things in mind:

  • Android apps are written in the Java programming language, with the exception of some performance-critical code (typically for games) written in C and C++. If you aren’t familiar with at least one of these languages, you won’t benefit much from the session.
  • To prepare, you might want to go to and download the SDK (available for Linux, Mac, and even Windows). Try building the HelloAndroid app and running it on the emulator.
  • You might also benefit from attending the Android for Java developers tutorial on Monday and/or Dan Morrill’s Android: The Whats and Wherefores session on Wednesday morning.

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Stephen Fickas
07/26/2010 9:59am PDT

Never mind, I think I found them:

Stephen Fickas
07/26/2010 9:00am PDT

Great that the UI design slides are up. I was also interested in the 3 design patterns that were presented in 2nd part, i.e., Integrating Android apps with RESTful web interfaces. Any chance we can get those slides?

Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
07/26/2010 6:12am PDT

@Pallavi, @Rafe… Slide deck is now embedded above.

Picture of Robert Cruz
Robert Cruz
07/23/2010 12:43pm PDT

The phone aside, this was a fantastic first-class presentation. The whole thing moved with a perfect pace while still setting the message of “Please use our API’s and UX properly to develop applications that will properly enrich the platform as a whole.” Thank you Google and O’Reilly!

Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
07/22/2010 10:12am PDT

@Pallavi, @Rafe – we’ve requested the slides. Will keep you posted if we have them to post.

Picture of Rafe Azsnal Ropee Adman
Rafe Azsnal Ropee Adman
07/22/2010 6:55am PDT

register for the session but couldn’t make it in time, any chance of getting the presentation materials?

Shaun Abram
07/22/2010 3:08am PDT

The free phone was great, but the ‘Hands on’ part of the title led me to believe this would involve some hands on coding. Instead, it was all presentations and I found the talks much more specific and in-depth than what I expected or wanted.

Picture of Ricardo Signes
Ricardo Signes
07/21/2010 11:39pm PDT

Of course I’m very excited to receive a nice new development machine, but I found the tutorial to be almost entirely unhelpful. The description says the “goal is that you leave the room with foundation skills.” We didn’t see the SDK, we didn’t see how to write “Hello world” (as promised at the beginning) we didn’t see how to do anything apart from some very, very abstract examples about background HTTP clients and writing Android code in C. Instead of leaving with a silly, working program of my own creation, I left feeling like the 2.5 hour tutorial was a price I paid for the hardware.

I hope to find introductory material elsewhere and still make a go of it.

Picture of Pallavi Kaushik
Pallavi Kaushik
07/21/2010 2:26pm PDT

Anyone know where to find the slides?

Cory Engebretson
07/21/2010 1:50pm PDT

Free phones may bias the rating process a bit. oh well!

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